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About Our Work

Handsfree Missions / About Our Work

01Mission and Vision

Every aspect of the Bible is rooted in relationship, and those relationships require connection. It is strange though, that God’s Word calls us to be selfless and humble in our interactions with others, where Jesus says “serve in such a way that you left hand doesn’t know what your right hand is doing.” (Matthew 6:1-3)

It’s this principle that colors everything Handsfree believes in. Serve. Guide. Glorify. Teach. These are the four pillars of Handsfree Workcamp. As the hands and feet of Jesus we are called to serve others, to guide them by pointing the way towards ministry opportunities, to lift holy hands in glorifying our God, and to disciple others by teaching them to do these things. Each aspect leaves someone “handsfree.”

  • Serve: Provide opportunities to minister to others
  • Guide: Highlight ministries in our communities
  • Glorify: Connect service as a spiritual act of worship
  • Teach: Disciple others to “pass it on.”

02How it All Works

Workcamp is a “live training ground” for the types ministry that Handsfree Missions supports worldwide. For one week in June students and adults work side by side with organizations in our community to simply love others and meed needs. It’s simple: See a need, meet a need, and Do what you can with what you have. These two ideas are taught, modeled, and etched in to the memories of our volunteers in the hopes that it will help them see the function of service as a way to connect with other people and connect them both to God. Our ministry opportunities are hand picked to provide authentic interaction with others and our lessons are focused on explaining why these interactions are so important to everyone involved. We are not the haves helping the have nots, we are God’s children, learning to be more mindful of one another exactly the way we’ve been created.

03Where it All Began

Workcamp began in 2014 with two youth ministers looking to create a week of service within the North Alabama / Southern Tennessee areas. The first camp was held at Central church of Christ in Huntsville, AL with approximately 50 students and various adult helpers. Over the past 6 years, workcamp has grown to include multiple congregations from several states. Over 150 students and countless adults have worked alongside over 40 different organizations to create a truly special community.

Before that, workcamp was an idea born from mission work to Mexico in 2001. Two Harding University students saw the need for connecting missionaries, mission points, and organizations with resources together. However, without resources and no means of communication, the idea became a binder on a shelf, handed out to those who asked for assistance. In 2010, well into the era of Facebook and social media, Handsfree Missions went online and became a virtual drive of contacts, resources, and needs. Workcamp was born out of the desire to train up disciples into a more complete understanding of service and mission work.