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Your contact information along with the work you’re involved with will be shared on our website so volunteers can get in touch with you. Along with this, certain metrics will be displayed so people can see what areas you’re active with (not a measure of your skill sets). These measures will give a visual representation of what services you offer as a Team member and help volunteers find a member or activity they are most suited for.

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Ask us how to become a Handsfree Team Member

Handsfree Team Members are more than just volunteers. Team members are workers across the world who are dedicated to the Biblical principles that Handsfree works under. Team Members are ministers, teachers, doctors, construction workers, and people from all walks of life who lend their experience and resources to serving and loving those around them in the name of Jesus.

As a Team member, you’ll be interviewed and background checked. Upon acceptance you’ll be in charge of a specific ministry point or project and required to provide updates on that activity regularly. This ensures that our network of service opportunities, volunteers, and educational trainings are up to date and active so that volunteers and other workers have the most up to date information possible. If you choose to step away as a Team member, we ask that you give plenty of notice so we can work with you to find a replacement Team member to handle those responsibilities.

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