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Handsfree Missions / WORKCAMP & COVID-19

General Questions

Will we be staying on campus?

No. While UAH has been kind enough to attempt to accomodate our group, the logistics of transporting students and housing them while maintaining a 6ft social distance is nearly impossible. Cleaning and sanitizing vans and rooms on a daily and sometimes hourly basis would prove too costly to support financially or in terms of our schedule. Food concerns and enough space in the assembly areas is also logistically impossible.

What kinds of projects can you do?

Each day a new set of “workcamp challenges” will be posted on social media and the workcamp website. These challenges will cover a wide variety of activities and allow you the freedom as individuals and families to decide what to participate in. Additionally, youth workers at various participating congregations will be given resources to help facilitate the projects assigned.

Will there still be shirts, etc?

Of course! You didn’t think we’d leave out the SWAG did you? Each participating group will be given enough shirts, armbands and other goodies for each worker.

What's the cost to participate?

Workcamp will be completely FREE this year to anyone who wants to participate and/or view the devos, videos, and livestream events. Shirts and armbands (and other goodies) are the only cost item should you want them and will be $10 total. Later on (after workcamp) you’ll be able to purchase workcamp gear through our website.

Online locations for participation

Due to the digital nature of workcamp this year we will be utilizing several social media platforms to share information and collect content from participants. A schedule of events will be posted in the days before workcamp and we encourage you to make plans to participate in whatever ways your congregation / youth minister have suggested. Be mindful of all state and city guidelines regarding health and make decisions as a family as to travel and ministry opportunities.

Call for Support

If you have any other questions or concerns as workcamp week approaches don’t hesitate to call or email. If you live over 100 miles away from Huntsville, please contact us ASAP about sending you shirts, resources, etc. as it will take time to get these things and drive them/mail them.