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A little about Handsfree

The good, the bad, & the ugly (sort of)

Who We Are

Handsfree Missions is a non-profit organization that seeks to create a network of ministers, missionaries, volunteers and congregations across the world to meet the needs of others wherever we find them.

What We Do

We are a training post for believers, a collection house of information, and a refuge for those in need. We “do what we can with what we have,” and strive to always “see a need, and meet a need.”

How We Started

Handsfree missions began between two friends on a college mission trip who noticed that missionaries, mission points, churches, and volunteers had little to no resources and that with a little communication and training, all of these points could be brought together to help one another more effectively. What began as a binder on a shelf has become a worldwide network.

Handsfree Community

Check out our blog for news, updates, articles. Connect & share your thoughts with other folks from around the world!

Latest Causes

Support our local organizations with your time & money

Friends, Inc.

Friends, Inc. is a Huntsville based organization that assists senior adults and homebound adults with a wide variety of care including, but not limited to, medical transportation, errands, yard work and more.

305 8th St.

305 8th St. serves adults with disabilities ranging from autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury and more. They are a live in facility based in Huntsville, AL.


BeArded WARRIORs is an organization based in Huntsville, AL that focuses on reaching out to and involving Veterans and raising awareness for Veteran suicides.

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