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Check out these stories & submissions about the joys of service & add your own thoughts too.

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  • Laura Gail Beebe

    Reply June 1, 2020 5:39 pm

    Serving others is such a rewarding activity for both us and Christians and for those who are being helped. It helps us understand how it feels to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Others can see the unconditional love that we have for them. We do not expect anything out of service but we do it it help the people around us. Service helps me to see the needs of my community and it allows me to get connected to people who I may have never met without service. Workcamp provides the perfect opportunity to get out into the community and serve. I look forward to seeing the positive change in those who are helping and in those who are also being served.

  • David Walker

    Reply June 1, 2020 5:39 pm

    Service has had an incredibly palpable impact on my life. From a young age I knew that serving others and loving people well was incredibly important. In the past 2 years God has put it on my heart to serve those around me. God has brightened my life through service. When I serve, God teaches me more about his nature as I see more of him in the people I serve and those I serve with. The more people I meet the more of God I am able to see. In serving I am able to come closer to the heart of Jesus. Jesus’ ministry was full of service and love. When my ministry is serving those around me, I am able to engage in the very same ministry that my creator was engaged in when he walked this earth. That’s what service is to me.
    ~David Walker

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